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Letter of recommendation – Gamblify

Responsibilities & Work tasks Implement graphical frontend for our newest slotmachine title “Pot of Gold”.   Evaluation by company Having Kim as an intern at Gamblify was a pleasure. He was responsible for implementing the graphical frontend for our upcoming slotmachine title “Pot of Gold”. The main technologies used were Unity3D, C# and Git which… Continue reading

This is life

Sitting on the balcony a fresh summerday enjoying three slices of toasted buttered ryebread(rugbrød), which was baked this morning. With a can of maceral in tomatoes and a bottle of cold water. This is life.

UpJump! – Mobile Game

My first game made with Unity3D. The idea was to create a tough game where the character automatically jumps whenever it hits a platform and then you have to navigate your character to either left or right by tilting your phone to hit the next platform, if you don’t hit the next platform you will fall to your… Continue reading