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rConnector is my upcoming soon-to-be launched real time game server mangament service. rConnector(short rCon) is a service which makes it possible for you to control your server wherever and whenever you want! Has it ever happened to you, that a griefer suddenly connected to your Minecraft server and went to destroy your beautiful world and… Continue reading


Hi, my name is Kim and I’m a software developer from Denmark, I like to spend my time developing software and looking into new technologies, though I also tend to do a little bit of designing sometimes. I began playing around with HTML at the age of seven, my father was an EDB teacher he… Continue reading

File Permissions Explained

Through this article I will explain the basics of file permissions and how you can apply them yourself on a Linux platform

Why do we have Permissions?

Every file and user on your computer has different kind of roles and permissions.
Lets for an example start by taking a look at a large computer company and their admins and users.
For regular users I will use a Billing department for the purpose of example . . .

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How to create your own Autorun

In this blog post I will guide you through the processes to create your very own autorun file.
If you haven’t already, you can read my previous blog post USB Autorun logging C++ code

What is Autorun?
Autorun.cfg or Autorun.inf is a configuration file which is run whenever you plug an USB device into your computer.
This file holds information such as name, icon, menu name and more . . .

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