Kitchen Timer – App

I enjoy cooking but my real kitchen timer broke so instead of buying a new one I decided it could be a fun exercise to learn a bit of Java/Kotlin and the Android environment.


  • Unlimited amount of timers
  • Plays a sound and shows a notification when a timer is complete
  • Work if the app is in the background or not running while having active timers

I used the MVVM pattern in conjunction with Android Data-Binding library.


The app was released 28-07-2016
Some time after I released my app, Google released several updates to the Android OS which changes the way it handles background services and CPU / Battery optimizations. The changes stops background services if the app is backgrounded or stopped even though the user had running timers. In short the app didn’t work properly on newer devices.

Complete overhaul 23/02/2020
I rewrote the app from scratch with best practices and optimiazations in mind and it now works on Android 5.0 and up.